For the fastest response please email me at ilikeprettyhair@gmail.com , I work alone and by appointment only, guest experience is my highest concern so I do not answer the phone while I am with a client.  I do check my text messages and emails throughout the work day, responding as quickly as possible. 

Requesting Appointments ...

*Please Note:  I am generally booked out 3-4 weeks in advance.  My Studio is located in the Exchange Building in Breckenridge Colorado, located  on the corner of Lincoln and Ridge Street. From the courtyard, go up the stairs and to the left thru the door "201". My studio is the first door to the right with "ilikeprettyhair" on the door. My studio can be tricky to find ...

Friends & Children

I love your friends and children but please note the studio is small,  limit bringing 1 additional guest with you to your appointment. The salon is no fun for kids, it’s literally watching paint dry so please refrain from bringing them with you to your appointment. 

Long Hair ...

(past bra strap) or Excessively thick hair (you know who you are) please choose Transformational Color as this allows for maximum timing. If you book for a service with less timing you may not receive your desired result due to timing as this would result in inconveniencing those who have services scheduled following you. *If you have questions about booking please send me an email along with a current hair selfie so i can assist you in proper booking. 

Not so common, Common sense

~ DO NOT go swimming (get hair wet)  in the ocean, chlorinated pools or hot tubs right after a color service. Nothing strips hair color out faster than Sun, Salt and Chlorine.  No worries an appointment for a quick glaze can refresh that, unless you have fantasy colors and then that will be another color appointment. 

High Altitude Living


Living in the Colorado Rockies is amazing but for the skin and the hair it can be brutal. We have some one the highest levels of hard water in the US, if you don't have a water softener for your home you may experience heavy soap scum as well as dry hair that can feel almost brittle over time. This can lead to yellowing blondes or orange based brunettes, even if they are toned to an ashy base or white when you leave, it will yellow in time. This is due to calcium, magnesium, limestone, chalk and dolomite being present in our waters.  You are always welcome and highly recommend to come in-between appointments for a glaze refresh to control unwanted warmth. This does not include lightening but will hold you over until your next full color appointment needed. 


I can not stress the importance of using high quality moisturizing and color safe shampoos/Conditioners/masques followed by either a leave in conditioner, spray or oils. Between a chemical treatment, the water and the dry air it can be the perfect storm for distressed tresses. 

Please do not shampoo your hair daily, if you feel the need to get it wet in the shower or refresh it please condition only avoiding the roots. Most styling products are water soluble and will break down with just water no need to shampoo unless you feel you have an oily scalp.  Continuous Heat will dry your hair out faster than any chemical, please only use heat when necessary not daily. 

Fantasy Colors ...

If we are laying down the foundation for your fantasy colors on the same day as doing your final Fantasy overlay please be prepared for a 4-5 hour visit. Note there is an option to split your appointment, you can lighten your hair one appointment and come back for a fantasy overlay another time.  Fantasy colors are an investment in time and money. They fade beautifully over time if treated properly by washing with color safe shampoo in cool water. Note if you want your hair to be Grey or Pastel and you are not already blonde this may take multiple appointments until it is achievable. Lightening the hair with each appointment is not necessary, letting it fade and coming back for just an overlay takes half the time and money. If you would like a full palette change or want lighter brighter bits than you have, you would need another full 4-5 hr visit. 

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